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Sales Workshops

Low Conversion Rate?


Missing Targets?


High Customer Churn?


Then why not attend a Minerva PMT workshop!!


At Minerva PMT we pride ourselves on providing effective, friendly training based around our unique 5 P’s process.


Based around how you think with a few simple mind shifts you will learn how to find good quality prospects, make lasting sales and get your clients selling for you!


Have the confidence to throw away your script, read customer’s better and communicate with purpose.


Whether a seasoned professional or a total beginner these courses will bring together all the techniques to perform to your best.


We know everyone is different, so we give you plenty of time to practice to do it your way so you always appear authentic and you can let your confidence grow.


To tailor the workshop to suit your needs then why not attend a busy women only workshop or scare-free sales workshop focussed on making selling easy.


For workshop details call 07752 225532 or email jewels now.


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