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Positively Presenting Your Message

Are you petrified of public speaking?


Do you palpitate at presentations?


Do your pitches bring in all the right business?


If not I can help.


You are in a meeting and you are suddenly asked to provide some information to the group.  Do you stand up confidently or does your mouth go dry, your brain empty and your limbs seem stuck to the spot?


When you speak do you connect to your audience, influence them and convince them of your authority?


Like any other skill public speaking or presenting is not a flair or a talent, but something that you can learn.  By developing your confidence and practicing some simple tips you can wow your audience, deliver pitches and presentations that both influence and inspire – in short you can become a master speaker.


Scare free presenting is a half or full day workshop in small groups where you learn how to prepare, practice and present pitches or presentations with positive impact.  In a safe, interactive environment you can master the techniques and develop your own style.


The full day workshop will even show you how to present your case with style when put on the spot.  You never have to go to jelly in a meeting again!


For workshop details call 07752 225532 or email jewels now.


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