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Things are a little quiet at the moment

I am currently taking things a little bit slower than usual to welcome a new arrival into my world.


This means I may be running less workshops, writing less blogs and being much less active on social media.  I am still working reduced hours, so please if you would like any information on the services I provide or would like a chat as to how I can help you please contact me on 07752 225532 or jewels@minerva-pmt.co.uk and I will get back to you as soon as I can, though it may be a little slower than usual.


Hope to speak to you soon


As I am taking things easy to have a baby

Want A More Personal Approach? Book A Discovery Session

Business not quite working out as you planned?


Worried those customers just wont come?


Marketing but not seeing any results?


Then maybe you need to take a step back and let someone else have a look.  to find out if you need to do things differently then why not book a free discovery session - where I can look at what you are doing and find a way forward so you build your business, not your fear.


Using scare free sales techniques and clear strategic messages we can build your business together.


To find out if scare free techniques can help you book below.