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For Women Leading the Way

Hate Testosterone filled sales training?


Want to sell without the blarney?


Think there has to be a better way than loud?


Welcome to Minerva PMT and Purple Dogs new Collaboration – MISSI Training


At MISSI we aim to turn your busyness into business by making it smart, simple and intelligent. We offer solutions that will grow your sales and marketing, online and in person without the need to don a camel coat, light a cigar and shout over everyone else like a 1970’s football manager.  No testosterone, no bs - just simple effective techniques that work.


Why is it that this image of sales still persists?


The answer to this question is that I just don’t know, but I can take a good guess.  Those that train in sales often take a masculine approach.  Even when they are female sales trainers, their mentors are male and they emulate their style thus reducing their own femininity.


This is why I have made it my mission to ensure that women who sell, whether for a job or as business women, sell as women.


By shifting your focus, developing the collaborative skills and providing a safe, gentle, female only environment MISSI Training will have you cold calling with confidence, selling with style and being a trusted advisor to your customers.


Interestingly a synonym for female is fertile…. So girls, you have the power to grow those sales!


For workshop details call 07752 225532 or email jewels now.


Female Focussed Training that works