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Why Is No-one Buying From Me?

By jewelscarter, Mar 4 2016 03:38PM

“Overnight success does happen, it just takes about 3 years of hard work to make it happen.” That was what I told a friend one day when we were discussing her frustration at how unprepared her latest workgroup were. Whilst it was a tongue in cheek comment it proves that many a true word is spoken in jest. Enough of the clichés now I will get to the point.

Working for yourself is scary, you never know what is going to happen next, if there will be enough time or money and many of us are dogged with an inner critic asking us if we are good enough, whether people will like us enough and if we can do it. That is when we are not soaring from a success and think we are invincible. Sometimes it seems like it is happening for the whole world and just not working for you. You wonder why you market your socks off and still get nowhere or have to go back to the 9-5 and wonder why these clients are not forthcoming.

Well just like real overnight success it takes work, planning and time – more time than the stories will have you believe (well it does if you want it to be sustainable). If this just doesn’t seem to be coming together for you, then maybe you need to change the recipe. Just like any good recipe to build a business you need the right mix of the right ingredients to come together; so just what are the ingredients for the magic to happen?

Firstly you need a little luck. Many success stories are centred around being in the right place at the right time, meeting the right person in the strangest of places or one of those wonderful coincidences where the stars just seem to be aligned. It may seem like this is all out of your hands but really we are constantly engineering our luck and you can engineer such situations by clever use of ingredients two, three and four.

This important second ingredient is focus. In all of these stories there is an element of wanting something more and knowing they are destined for something else, even if they don’t know how to get it. Sometimes it is wanting to create something, an outlet or an ideal and other times it is about wanting to do things a different way or accommodate a lifestyle. Whatever the “what” is, in all these lucky breaks it is the centre of their focus, and this focus is unyielding.

With your focus on the what your business is all about you will quickly find out why you are choosing this path. We don’t talk much about the why – we talk about setting goals and plans to reach them, but the why is the key to third ingredient in making the magic. This why gives you the tenacity to follow through and keep going, and this is what separates those that do from those that don’t. It’s easier to start to follow the dream, to think about what that dream is, to see your ideal customers flocking to you, but it takes real character to keep chasing the dream when those clients are elusive and the demands are high. Knowing why you are doing this and what makes it so worthwhile will help keep you going when the optimism falters. This gives you time to find the magic.

The fourth ingredient is deliberate and targeted action. Here is where the paradox begins. Sometimes it is more important to be doing anything at all over nothing, but this action is only really worthwhile when it takes you towards your goal. The problem is we often get tied up in knots over what actions will take us closer to our goal and therefore do nothing productive. In these instances it is better to blindly act, even if it is in the wrong direction. Whilst we don’t want to fritter time, this can be an important lesson. So have an action plan – even if it is only one step long – follow it and then in conjunction with the fifth ingredient you can make those stars align.

So what is the illusive fifth ingredient? To be responsive. This means being aware enough to know you have evaluated your targeted action, know the impact it has or hasn’t had and can adapt to maximise its efficacy. This gives you more scope to respond to opportunities as they arise and to grow without being paralysed by fear that you might do something wrong. Ironically this flexibility is most easily achieved by having a plan and a methodological approach. Something I will look at in my next webinar.

So if you are still waiting for the magic to happen, worrying your marketing is not working and wondering where and how your next sales will be created then this month’s blog will demystify the process for you.

Over the next four weeks I will look at the fundamental misconceptions that are holding you back from your magic, show you how to create that magic and develop your own process for responsive and effective marketing.

In line with this responsive approach my own marketing is evolving and thus if you want to ensure you don’t miss the important bits to creating your own magic then sign up for the monthly newsletter and digest – which will deliver the important bits to your inbox. Alternatively join me on the 10th of March at 12 noon where I will look at preparing for the overnight success in your business and how to create that magic.

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