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Is Your Marketing Missing The Key?

By jewelscarter, Dec 4 2015 02:23PM

Do you remember when you started thinking about how much you could charge your customers and how much you could earn? Was it realistic or was to call it optimistic an understatement?

Do you wonder why some people seem to have loads of clients and you don’t – even though you spend a decent chunk of your time on some type of marketing activity? What do they do that you don’t?

Actually it’s probably very simple…they have a plan.

“But I have a plan” I hear you shout at your screen, which is all well and good, but many marketing plans fall down because they are not specific and comprehensive. Before you panic, remember this is scare-free success so a specific comprehensive plan does not mean more work, in fact it probably means less. What it does mean though is that you will make the most of every contact you make.

To be specific means you need to know who your core clients are…your magic customer. You need to direct your work at them so that you put your message in front of them directly and speak to them in language they understand. If you don’t know who your magic customers are then click here for the worksheet to find out.

So now you are speaking specifically to your clients, your marketing should be more effective in generating leads and having people select you as their provider, but that is only half of the story. I also said it needs to be comprehensive. So you need to consider all stages of the buying process. You have generated interest by PR, social media and marketing and some of this will generate income, but what about those that are interested that haven’t bought?

This is where sales comes in. It is also the step missing from many marketing plans as people do not quite understand what we mean by sales. Yes I do mean reaching out to these people that have taken an interest in your work, but I don’t mean cold calling like some used car salesman or ppi teleseller.

So what do I mean? I mean follow them up. Find out what it was that made them reach out to you, why did you catch their eye? Also you have to ask - in a very delicate way of course – why they looked but didn’t buy.

This is where sales techniques come into their own. Using your sales skills you can filter out those that you can help with ease and those that you can’t. Those that you can help you can educate as to how to get the best from your services and have joining conversations with them. When this is done well it builds momentum and not only a loyal customer base, but a base of clients that then go out and sell your services for them.

So if you think sales is not for you, that you don’t need sales training and that you can thrive by marketing alone, think again, you are probably working lots harder than you need to. Don’t waste your time on mediocre results but contact me to find out how I can help.

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