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How's It Going?

By jewelscarter, Jan 29 2016 12:52PM

How quickly January is over….today is the last working day of the month and I have to ask how are those New Year resolutions going?

Have you made any lasting changes? If you are still plugging away you have now established a new habit.

Is there something you need to get back on track with?

Well month end is the perfect time to review your progress and correct your course if you need to. Looking back over my January I am very pleased with my progress. I have some fantastic clients that are working wonderfully well, some long term projects I am working through and I hosted my first ever webinar.

The webinar was a step well outside of my comfort zone…how far out of your comfort zone has your new goals taken you? One of the things the webinar addressed was how to pace your steps so that you were stretched a little but not setting yourself up to fail. It seems there is a trend at the moment to think big,

which is wonderful and a great tool, but without the tempering of reality. It is almost a shameful secret to want to break things down into manageable steps, to have enough, to want a lifestyle business. Yet this is the key to making it all work – it is the second step in the grow model of coaching and allows you to work out your action plan step by step.

I also shared with you a bonus tip…something that makes it much easier for you to keep going until a habit is formed. It is a skill any business person finds a real asset and can make the process of change much easier to manage.

If you would like to hear a replay of the webinar then I would love to share it with you…simply fill in the box below and a copy will be sent to you…happy growing.

Next month I will be looking at the sales process and how to maximise the quality of the people you talk to so you can make your business grow without your task list running away with itself.

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