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Get Out Of Your Way!

By jewelscarter, Mar 11 2016 12:51PM

So you’re marketing your socks off and it just doesn’t seem to be happening? Other people seem to be working it out but you don’t? You know you are good at what you do but people just don’t seem to be biting?

Just what is stopping you?

You will probably be surprised to find out that it is most likely you. Yes you are standing in your own way. You may not realise it, but your subconscious quite likes where you are now, even if you don’t and unless you work with it will be holding you here, where it is happy, safe and comfortable.

Here are the top 5 things you may be doing to stand in your own way…how many do you do?

1. Become a Magpie

Often I hear people say that small business owners are all magpies, but in my experience the real innovators have their own ideas, focus on their own ideas and follow their own goals. They do not chase rainbows or give in to shiny shiny syndrome. They do adapt to what is going on around them, but they trust their instinct and keep their eyes on their big goal.

So if you find yourself saying yes to everything, following every stream that flows your way and running in circles then you need to stop and ask yourself why? What is it about your goal that you are avoiding? It’s ok to be diverse and well rounded but make sure you are not distracted.

2. Compare Constantly

It is easy with the wealth of information available at the moment to set your own benchmarks based on what you think you should be achieving rather than what you want to achieve. It is also easy to hold unrealistic expectations and not think about the steps involved and all the work that goes on in the background of your peers.

The best way to avoid creating unnecessary feelings of inadequacy is to stop comparing yourself to others. This doesn’t mean learning from their examples but observing them rather as an impartial observer rather than putting them into your life. Observe and learn but stay true to you.

3. Fail to Celebrate Your Wins

It’s easy when you manage yourself to forget to praise your most important employee – you. Often we hear people say their boss doesn’t appreciate them – well do you really appreciate yourself? If it can have such a devastating effect on an employee to not receive positive appraisals of their performance what effect does it have on you? So be realistic and praise yourself when you deserve it.

4. Tell Yourself What You Want To Hear

Just as we can often interpret what someone says to us as what we were expecting to hear them say, we can do this with our own self talk and intuition. This can lie beneath constantly missing the same goal, or just not quite meeting that deadline every week. This is a difficult one to spot too as we really believe our interpretation of what is happening, so to question our self conscious mind throws it into a defensive turmoil it quickly works to quell. Yet it is the main thing holding us back.

It may tell us that we are not good enough, that it will happen if we just…., if only we were …then… and those kind of thoughts.

So when you get these thoughts – get out of your own way.

5. Avoid Promoting Your Business

One of the biggest challenges my clients face is that of bringing in clients. It is difficult to ask for the business, and to educate people as to how they need your business to thrive. It is scary as we may be rejected, or we may be pushy, which makes us not nice. This leads us to adopting passive marketing strategies that avoid telling the client what it is they need, well before we get to asking them to use us for it. In short we avoid making sales in our business.

To sell our products we have to talk to our customers, whatever media we use, there has to be a two way conversation, and so often all I see is people talking at people, sometimes their client pool, but not engaging them. To build your business you have to talk to potential clients – no way round it.

If you want to know how to create that magic in your business join me Thursday 24th March at noon for a chance to look at how you can talk to your customers not at them to build your business – without being bolshy or scary. Alternatively join us for the newsletter/digest to your inbox once a month so you don’t miss a single tip on building your success the scare free way.

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