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Do You Really Want To Repeat 2015 Forever?

By jewelscarter, Jan 8 2016 12:35PM

I love New Year – do you? Christmas has just gone, but you can still feel the warm glow of good times with loved ones before it fades into the humdrum of life. New Year, a time filled with optimism and promise, when you can decide to leave everything behind that gets you down and to take the best of everything forward with you. In short it is a time to reflect en masse.

One of the great questions to ask this time of year is really simple – Do I want this year to look like last year?

Do you want to continue in the same vein as last year? Or do you want this year to be better, brighter or bolder than before? There have been many times in my life when the very idea of plodding on the same path filled me with dread and I am sure you can name times like that in your life too. There have also been times when I have known just a bit of an extra push in my current direction would have been all it took to turn mundane into magical.

January 2015 was one such time. It followed on from January 2014 which was a time of dread. I had been in a job which was rejected by Hades for being too torturous. There were issues: system issues, people issues, morale issues, data issues, structural issues and cultural issues. Bullying, gossip and staff churn were rife…which tells anyone listening that there are serious problems. In addition to that the job description I had was impossible to fulfil in this environment. The net result was that I felt drained, vulnerable and completely void of all my usual confidence and joie de vivre.

Things seemed to spiral out of this too, people sensed I was defeated and they didn’t have any confidence in me as after all I had very little belief in myself. Everything I touched turned to dust, destroyed by doubt. I could not seem to get anything right – I even struggled to make myself tea.

Then I left. Jobless and with no confidence the thought of job hunting left me cold, the idea this could happen again burned into my brain and I was totally uninspired by managing staff. I could not stay idle, that was something I am just not built to do, it would erode what was left of my identity quicker than acid on chalk. I also need an income as most of us do. So unable to face a job or no job I decided to put the long thought about, distant dream of being self-employed into action.

Spring forward to January 2015. I was definitely on the right path, but it wasn’t quite right. Instead of a logical, straightforward path I found I was kind of going around in circles before I moved forward. Whilst it was comforting to know I was on the right track it was sad to think I was wasting so much potential – and my bank manager was pretty cross with me too.

This year it is so different. I feel confident again, I have learnt some valuable lessons, both about myself and more importantly life lessons which we can all benefit from. That’s why I am taking a slight deliberate detour to share with you what these lessons are, how you can identify them and what can turn them around. You would be surprised at how much you miss noticing in your life as you are too busy living it to observe it.

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