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Are You Heading For A Crisis?

By jewelscarter, Jan 15 2016 03:32PM

How is your January going?

Week two is now fast becoming a memory, is the same true of the steely resolve to have a brilliant year that accompanied Auld Lang Syne?

How quickly we move on from the festivities and return to our normal routine. It’s no surprise really when you consider how we are wired. Our brain has one prime objective – to keep us alive and well. The best way to do that is to stop us from, venturing into the unknown, unprepared unless it is absolutely vital.

So our brain will be working frantically behind the scenes to settle us back into our normal routine as quickly as possible. No matter how much we think we hate our job, think our business needs a boost or our lonely lives are tedious…the brain knows it is safe.

This is why so many transformation stories begin with a crisis. Do you really need the crisis though to convince your brain it is safe to move on? Not at all, it’s just that we are too close to our own processing to realise what is happening. That is why we so often hear phrases like “I know I should but…” “I would love to but…” and “I can’t do this ever…” This is our brain keeping us safe.

Safe may be where our brain wants us to be, but in the long term if we don’t follow our heart and move out of our comfort zone that crisis eventually occurs. It begins with apathy and a feeling that there must be more. Then tedium sets in and eventually we feel we have no place in the world and depression or anxiety take hold. That is not a pleasant journey so wouldn’t it be better to learn how to trick our brain into letting us explore our own wilderness?

It sounds simple and it is. There are three things I have learned on my own journey into crisis and fighting my brains desire to keep me safe. I would like to share them with you, so you can find your path, make your mark in the world and shine in 2016. If you would like to find out what you need to be asking yourself in order to live your dream and what steps you can take to get you there then join me on my journey into the wilderness and bringing my coaching skills on line with a free webinar this month to unlock your brightest, boldest you…email me here to join the webinar list.

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