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5 Things To Stop You Being Salesy, But Still Make Sales

By jewelscarter, Nov 27 2015 10:11AM

When we think of selling and that suppertime call that comes through from some ppi claim firm or accident solicitors etc the technique they are using is sometimes termed steam-rolling, i.e. that pushy, no time to think conversation that is quite aggressive and leaves you feeling tired and ground down.

This is not the real sales and business growth we want as the customers will not necessarily get us or need us, they will therefore be less loyal and probably more demanding. So here are 5 simple tips you can use when you speak to potential clients and existing clients to ensure you never become one of those aggressive calls. It works in all environments, including networking, presentations and content marketing.

1. Listen

This means hear not only the words your potential clients use, but the pace, the context and the tone to really understand them rather than hear what you want to hear. One of the reasons for bad sales calls grating on us so much is that we often feel we are not heard.

2. Drop Your Expectations

One of the big barriers to hearing what your client really means is our innate tendency to tailor what they say to what we are expecting them to say…so forget what experience dictates be open to what your client is telling you and their take on their experience.

3. Empathise with Your Client

Despite the amount of times we use the word empathy in our everyday language we often forget to practice it, so think about not what it would be like for you to walk in their shoes but what it is like for them in that situation, what do they need and what will make their walk the most pleasurable. The best question for finding this out is asking what that is like for them.

4. Engage With Your Client

Spend time building that relationship and rapport. This will ensure your client knows you and knows you can help. You will not be intruding or boasting if you have something to say your client is interested in, rather you become their best friend when it comes to….Let them think, let them decide in their own time, but keep in touch and keep friendly.

5. Be Present and Pay Attention

Everyone likes to be heard, and contrary to what we think we don’t mind who is hearing us within reason. If you are interested, attentive and open to what they are saying you will be able to establish how you can work together – or even that you are not the right solution to them. Either way you have made the right impression and they will have no qualms recommending you to others.

Just practising these 5 quick tips will make huge differences in your business communication, and will help you on your way to success without being scary…next month we shall look at other ways your marketing activity might not be working…and how to fix it in time to make 2016 your best year yet.

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