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Bespoke Sales Training

Do you waste your prospects?


Are you bogged down meeting the demands of customers and staff?


Are your sales team really earning their keep?


At Minerva PMT Jewels and her associates know that many factors contribute to the success of your business, and that those factors are different for every company.  That is why when we provide training we ensure it is tailored to meet all those needs now and in the future.


By combining sales training with coaching and presentation techniques Minerva PMT can get the best out of your staff.  A hands on approach gives them a safe environment to develop their skills in a way that is authentic to them – that way they can maximise their potential and you can maximise employee engagement.


Future Proofing


You know the cycle, you train your staff performance increases then slowly it begins to fade off and eventually you are back to where you were?  Well at Minerva PMT we will help you to develop a strategy to protect the benefits of the training well into the future, by assessing your management, culture and rewards processes and applying the latest management theory to maximise your performance.


Selling to Maximise Profit


Is your turnover good but your profit is not quite what is should? That is because your team don’t really understand the figures or appreciate how important they are.  Minerva PMT always has one eye on the bottom line and will train your staff how to do the same.  From what to ask the finance department for to getting the most from your customers Minerva PMT will make your figures fly.


First Time Sales Team


Minerva PMT has experience in establishing systems and processes, recruitment and training to establish your sales team, from recruitment, induction and establishing KPI’s.  We can even help you sort out the slow performers in new or established teams.  


Keep your Sales Professionals Working as a Team


Competition is healthy, but too much can rip a team apart and destroy your bottom line, that is why a training session with Minerva PMT will ensure all your team are sales stars by keeping it friendly and customer focussed.


To find out how to get your team on tip top form call 07752 225532 or email jewels now.

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