Your Sales - our Speciality

“After our brief first contact nearly three weeks ago, I had the courage to contact Jewels and admit that 'Sales' frightened me and that I desperately needed help.  The thought of putting together my first editorial made me feel so nervous, so much so that I had put off doing it until it was nearly too late for publication.


The feeling I had when I'd come off the phone with Jewels the first time round was a tremendous sense of relief.  Jewels listened, she understood and re-iterated my need.  She gave me a time slot for our telephone meeting and promised to deliver my editorial within the hour.  Not only did she deliver on time, the work was incredible and totally usable.  Jewels also gave me the opportunity to explore other areas in which she could help and take my business forward.


Now that my panic is over I feel so much better.  I'm looking forward to our next meeting in three days time........”


Angela K MD Poole UK