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Minerva  PMT

- An Holistic Approach to Your Business

Are you converting the right customers?


Does your bottom line reflect your brilliance?


Does your service delivery feel like wading through treacle?



That’s where Minerva PMT comes in!  


Minerva PMT came about as Jewels Carter found herself in an unusual position. Privileged enough to have enjoyed senior roles in sales, coaching, accountancy and governance she found her perspective different to that of her colleagues.  Jewels found she could achieve more by combining this experience and she developed a holistic approach.  This places her in a unique position to help you harness your talent and deliver outstanding results.


Just as a doctor cannot optimally treat a leg without looking at the whole patient, you cannot maximise your bottom line without looking at the business as a whole.  That is where Jewels can help you shine.




From looking at the organisation as a whole Jewels has identified where many businesses suffer.  Whether it is a misplaced impression of the sales process, a lack of understanding of the bottom line or counterproductive competition Jewels and her associates know that identifying this loss of productivity is at the heart of your thriving business.  This is why Jewels puts your company’s future health at the heart of her training.  The resulting synergy takes the scare out of selling, conflict out of communication and pain out of processes - making a huge difference to your profit, motivation and reputation, whether a sole trader or large corporation.





Selling for blue chip companies and training their staff to sell, whether that was their job or not, Jewels knows that everyone needs to be authentic and invested in your bottom line.  Within a few days she will have your growth your way.


Managing the finance function from start-ups to large corporate entities Jewels knows what healthy numbers look like.  She also knows the tricks and tips that can make a real difference to your figures.


As a performance coach, mentor and public speaker, Jewels can tease out your values and goals and give you the tools to deliver them – even in the most challenging environments. You can love doing your thing your way.


As a non-executive director Jewels can show you how to protect the long term future of your business, putting in place systems now that will serve you for years to come.


Whether you are a sales professional, a business owner or solo-entrepreneur then Minerva PMT can help you stop leaking profits, wasting prospects and make your work ethical efficient and effective.


From bespoke solutions to carefully tailored training courses and workshops Jewels and her partners have the solution for you.  

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